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Kru Derek’s 30th Birthday Party Photos

This gallery contains 35 photos.

Photos from Kru Derek’s 30th Birthday Party in July 2015 Continue reading


April News and Events

Class Cancellation Notice

No Junior Muay Thai or Tiny Thaigers classes on Saturday April 25 due to the BJJ Symposium. We host this event twice per year and students come from all over Alberta for grading and seminars throughout the weekend. Thank you for your understanding.

Arashi Do Behring BJJ Symposium (GRADING)

The Arashi Do Behring Jiu Jitsu Symposium is coming up Apr 24-26. The Symposium is a very special event that takes place twice per year every April and October where students grade for belts and stripes under our Master instructor Sylvio Behring 7th degree Red and Black Belt from Rio De Janeiro Brazil.All junior and senior students must attend the symposium in order to grade for belts and stripes.

The Mini Monkeys students do not grade at the Symposium but there is a fun class where students can meet Master Behring and learn directly from him on Sunday April 26.

Registration is now open at the front desk for the symposium. Fees must be paid in cash only please.

Adults $100 (plus belt fees if nominated by instructor to test for a belt)
Juniors $60 (plus $35 belt fee if nominated by instructor to test for a belt)
Mini Monkeys $30 (for Sunday class – no gradings)

For the full schedule of events and fees please visit:

Arashi Do Advanced Karate and Muay Thai Symposium

Arashi Do is proud to announce its second ever Advanced Karate and Muay Thai Symposium on Saturday May 9 at the Red Deer Dojo. There will be amazing seminars and gradings for both advanced Karate students (Blue Belt and above) and Advanced Muay Thai students (Testing for Orange Prajied and above). If you are wondering if you are testing please check at the front desk for a full list of candidates.

For the full list of information about the event visit:


Karate and Muay Thai Grading (IN CLASS)

Karate Grading – Wednesday Apr 29 ($35 fee for belts)
Muay Thai Grading  – Wed Apr 29, Thur Apr 30 ($35 for Yellow only)
Mini Monkeys Stripe Testing – Thur Apr 29
Junior Muay Thai Grading – Fri May 1 ($35 for Yellow only)

Belt fees are payable the day of grading. To confirm if you are testing for a belt please check at the front desk if you are unsure.

Karate Brown Belt Preparation Class

There will be a special Karate Brown Belt prep class for students testing in Red Deer. This prep class will take place during open mat on Saturday May 2 from 11am-1pm. ALL STUDENTS testing for Brown Belt MUST ATTEND. Additional self-guided practice for Karate Brown Belt students is taking place upstairs every Tues & Thurs from 6pm-7pm.

Upcoming Tournaments

Submission Series – Sat May 2
Cheney’s Karate Tournament – Sat May 16
Mind Body Soul – Sat May 30

New Dojo Stage 4 – Painting

The largest contingent of volunteers flooded the new Dojo this past week. There were too many to count but the numbers were well over 45 different people who came in to put some hard work into the new space….volunteers were sanding, priming, painting, cleaning, hauling, washing,  scraping, vacuuming, installing doors, windows, and setting up the new shop! Special thanks to Chris Belanger who put his professional painting skills to good use painting all week and he is still coming back next week as well. With all the help from everyone we are definitely still on schedule to start training in the dojo sooner than later. Looking great everybody!

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New Dojo Stage 3 – Drywall

Well the new dojo has drywall! All of the walls have boards on them now thanks to our full-time crew of Natalie, Derek and an extensive crew of people including a lot of students who popped by to help this go-round.  The taping and mud is next then we begin painting, floor, and finishes. Its all coming together folks. Have a look at the latest photos.

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Train Like a Fighter Bootcamp Starts Sept 14, 2103

The Fall 2013 Train Like a Fighter Bootcamp runs for 6 weeks from September 14 until October 20, 2013. Bootcamp training occurs two times per week every Saturday and Sunday from 8:30am – 10am at Arashi Do Martial Arts in Sherwood Park. This Bootcamp/Training Camp is open to all ages, male and female. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

The Train Like a Fighter Bootcamp is based on the training regiment of professional Muay Thai Kickboxers from Thailand. It is a high intensity workout that is guaranteed to make you sweat. There is no contact sparring or fighting in this class.

You will run, skip, shadow box, kick, punch, strength train, circuit train, improve your balance, flexibility and more! All under the watch and encouragement of our top level Muay Thai Coach and Personal Trainers.

Training Camp is run by Muay Thai Champion Kickboxer and Personal Martial Arts Trainer Derek Jolivette. Derek is a full time martial artist and competitive Muay Thai Fighter who coaches, and trains people in Muay Thai Kickboxing from all walks of life.


To register for the Bootcamp go to:      http://trainlikeafighterbootcamp.com