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New Dojo Stage 4 – Painting

The largest contingent of volunteers flooded the new Dojo this past week. There were too many to count but the numbers were well over 45 different people who came in to put some hard work into the new space….volunteers were sanding, priming, painting, cleaning, hauling, washing,  scraping, vacuuming, installing doors, windows, and setting up the new shop! Special thanks to Chris Belanger who put his professional painting skills to good use painting all week and he is still coming back next week as well. With all the help from everyone we are definitely still on schedule to start training in the dojo sooner than later. Looking great everybody!

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New Dojo Stage 3 – Drywall

Well the new dojo has drywall! All of the walls have boards on them now thanks to our full-time crew of Natalie, Derek and an extensive crew of people including a lot of students who popped by to help this go-round.  The taping and mud is next then we begin painting, floor, and finishes. Its all coming together folks. Have a look at the latest photos.

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