Karate Belt Promotions – April 16, 2014

Congratulations to all of  our dedicated Karate students who tested for belts this past Wednesday April 16.  There were a very large group testing for new belts and each and every one of the students brought their best form. The fitness test and a difficult technical portion of the test were completed on Monday followed by Kata and Kumite on Wednesday.  Kata performances were top notch and it was amazing to see that with so much focus being placed on Kumite training over the last 6-8 weeks that the Katas were so well practiced, crisp, clean and confident. Kumite matches were also very impressive as we saw tremendous improvement and control from everyone since the last belt promotions. Great job everyone!

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March 21-23, 2014
Richmond, VA, USA
WKA North American Championships
Derek Jolivette
Isa Gunic
BillyJoe Parlee
Tim Lo

May 1-10, 2014
Langkawi, Malaysia
IFMA World Championships
Derek Jolivette

June 26-29, 2014
Des Moines, Iowa
Thai Boxing Association (TBA) Muay Thai Classic
Derek Jolivette
Tim Lo
Simon Chalk
Boban Knezevic
More to come….

July 11-13, 2014
Orlando, FL
IKF World Classic Tournament
Fighters to be announced

Help sponsor the athletes. These guys have to pay their own way to these events and its very expensive. Here is the sponsorship page. http://fundachampion.com/

Muay Thai in the Park – March 15

“Muay Thai in the Park” is coming up on Saturday March 15 at the Sherwood Dojo. This is a smoker card that features fighters from around Alberta. There will be 11 exciting fights. The event starts at 7pm. For more information about the event visit the website:


Poster Top


Destroy Cancer for Kids – Kick-a-thon / Roll-a-thon

On Friday February 14,  Arashi Do Sherwood Park will be hosting a fundraising event called “Destroy Cancer for Kids”. This is a Kick-a-thon / Roll-a-thon that will take place from 6pm – 9pm (or later if needed). Pledges will try to raise money for Cancer Research by attempting to complete 2000 – 5000 kicks or 10-25 rounds of rolling depending on their personal goals.

All Arashi Do members are welcome to participate. Pledges must generate a minimum total of $50 to participate in the event. Pledge Forms are available at the Sherwood Park Dojo or can be emailed to you by contacting  Sensei Ryan Timoffee at rtimoffee@arashido.com.

Friday February 14, 2014

Friday February 14, 2014

And if you can’t make it, donate directly to Sawyer’s page!


Holiday Schedule

Holiday Schedule for Arashi Do Martial Arts Sherwood Park
No classes from Monday December 23 until Friday January 3. 
Regularly scheduled classes will resume on Monday January 6.
During the holiday season there will be an extensive open mat schedule. Open mat is open to all members as a time to come and train with other members. You can come at anytime during the two-hour period and stay as long as you like. Open mat is self-guided training and practice time. Its a great chance to make new friends and train with people from the club.
Open Mat Schedule
Monday December 23, 6-8pm
Friday December 27, 6-8pm
Saturday December 28, 10am-12pm
Monday December 30, 6-8pm
Thursday January 2, 6-8pm
Friday January 3, 6-8pm
Saturday January 4, 10am-12pm


Photos – “Muay Thai in the Park”

Hi everyone,

Photos are now up from our “Muay Thai in the Park” FIGHT NIGHT on December 7, 2013.

Click here to check them out!



Muay Thai in the Park

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Karate Grading – November 2013

Congratulations to all of our Karate students who graded this week!

There was a big jump in the number of students who moved up belt ranks since the belt gradings were delayed while we moved into our new dojo this past month. This was the largest number of students to test for belts at one grading at the Sherwood Park Dojo.



Muay Thai Testing

Congratulations to all candidates who tested for White and Yellow Prajieds the last two days of classes. Amazing display of Muay Thai from everyone.  A very special thanks to all those who helped out as well. This was the first series of Muay Thai tests to ever take place at the new dojo! Keep up the good work everyone!

White and Yellow Prajied Test - Nov 2013

White and Yellow Prajied Test – Nov 2013


WKA World Champion

Congratulations to our own Nak Muays Derek Jolivette and Simon Chalk who competed at the WKA – WTKA Unified World Championships in Muay Thai in Italy on November 3, 2013.  Both Derek and Simon fought in two single elimination divisions under WKA-WTKA Unified rules.  In the WKA-WTKA Division Derek won the Gold Medal after fighting two matches against very tough opponents and gaining a bye in the second round. Nak Muay Derek fought also in the Finals of the IFMA rules category  (elbows permitted) but due to a cut suffered in his WKA Gold Medal Match had to withdraw after the first round but still took home the Silver Medal.

Simon Chalk fought valiantly in the Finals of the WKA-WTKA Unified Muay Thai Rules category  to a very tough competitor from France.  Simon’s fight went the distance coming up just short on the judges scorecards.  Simon also won a conditional Gold Medal in the IFMA rules category due to a scheduling conflict and a fighter withdrawal in the Semi-Finals and Finals.

Both fighters would like to thank all of their sponsors, training partners, family, friends and co-workers who supported them on their Journey to the WKA World Championships in Italy. Congratulations to both Simon and Derek who make Team Lom Pa Yu Muay Thai very proud bringing home the Gold and Silver Medals for Team Canada and Arashi Do!

Derek World Championships


New Dojo – Final Stage

This gallery contains 12 photos.

New Dojo Stage 4 – Painting

The largest contingent of volunteers flooded the new Dojo this past week. There were too many to count but the numbers were well over 45 different people who came in to put some hard work into the new space….volunteers were sanding, priming, painting, cleaning, hauling, washing,  scraping, vacuuming, installing doors, windows, and setting up the new shop! Special thanks to Chris Belanger who put his professional painting skills to good use painting all week and he is still coming back next week as well. With all the help from everyone we are definitely still on schedule to start training in the dojo sooner than later. Looking great everybody!

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New Dojo Stage 3 – Drywall

Well the new dojo has drywall! All of the walls have boards on them now thanks to our full-time crew of Natalie, Derek and an extensive crew of people including a lot of students who popped by to help this go-round.  The taping and mud is next then we begin painting, floor, and finishes. Its all coming together folks. Have a look at the latest photos.

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Train Like a Fighter Bootcamp Starts Sept 14, 2103

The Fall 2013 Train Like a Fighter Bootcamp runs for 6 weeks from September 14 until October 20, 2013. Bootcamp training occurs two times per week every Saturday and Sunday from 8:30am – 10am at Arashi Do Martial Arts in Sherwood Park. This Bootcamp/Training Camp is open to all ages, male and female. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

The Train Like a Fighter Bootcamp is based on the training regiment of professional Muay Thai Kickboxers from Thailand. It is a high intensity workout that is guaranteed to make you sweat. There is no contact sparring or fighting in this class.

You will run, skip, shadow box, kick, punch, strength train, circuit train, improve your balance, flexibility and more! All under the watch and encouragement of our top level Muay Thai Coach and Personal Trainers.

Training Camp is run by Muay Thai Champion Kickboxer and Personal Martial Arts Trainer Derek Jolivette. Derek is a full time martial artist and competitive Muay Thai Fighter who coaches, and trains people in Muay Thai Kickboxing from all walks of life.


To register for the Bootcamp go to:      http://trainlikeafighterbootcamp.com

One Gold, Two Silver @ 2013 Kids BJJ World Championships

Congratulations to Owen K and David E. who both won Silver Medals in their respective No Gi divisions at the 2013 Kids BJJ World Championships in San Bernadino, CA and David E. for winning the Gold Medal in the yellow belt, middleweight Gi Division. Awesome performances and high degrees of sportsmanship by both competitors throughout the tournament which last two days with lots of matches.  Also a special mention to Owen K. who most agreed had the most exciting match of the tournament as well almost submitting his opponent by triangle.  Check out the photos!

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