WKA World Champion

Congratulations to our own Nak Muays Derek Jolivette and Simon Chalk who competed at the WKA – WTKA Unified World Championships in Muay Thai in Italy on November 3, 2013.  Both Derek and Simon fought in two single elimination divisions under WKA-WTKA Unified rules.  In the WKA-WTKA Division Derek won the Gold Medal after fighting two matches against very tough opponents and gaining a bye in the second round. Nak Muay Derek fought also in the Finals of the IFMA rules category  (elbows permitted) but due to a cut suffered in his WKA Gold Medal Match had to withdraw after the first round but still took home the Silver Medal.

Simon Chalk fought valiantly in the Finals of the WKA-WTKA Unified Muay Thai Rules category  to a very tough competitor from France.  Simon’s fight went the distance coming up just short on the judges scorecards.  Simon also won a conditional Gold Medal in the IFMA rules category due to a scheduling conflict and a fighter withdrawal in the Semi-Finals and Finals.

Both fighters would like to thank all of their sponsors, training partners, family, friends and co-workers who supported them on their Journey to the WKA World Championships in Italy. Congratulations to both Simon and Derek who make Team Lom Pa Yu Muay Thai very proud bringing home the Gold and Silver Medals for Team Canada and Arashi Do!

Derek World Championships

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