Sherwood Park has first Karate Black Belt!

Congratulations to Sherwood Park’s Liam D., who after years and years of hard work, training and dedication has earned his Black Belt (Junior Level) in Arashi Do Karate. Liam performed magnificently on his Black Belt test, which took place in a closed setting in Red Deer amidst a large contingent of Black Belts and the Arashi Do Black Belt Certification Committee and the Chief Instructors. The test took most of the day and involved an extensive technical section, kata, self-defence and a grueling two-hour sparring test.  Liam and the other candidates from around Alberta fought hard through difficult challenges to demonstrate their Relentless Spirit and earn their Black Belts forging a truly memorable moment in all of their lives. Congratulations to SENSEI LIAM who has rightfully earned his title and has paved the way for all those Black Belts who will follow him at the Sherwood Park Dojo!


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