4000 Kicks and $3300 – Great work!

What an amazing charity event at the dojo tonight. 11 year old Sawyer spearheaded this event when he asked if we could have a kick challenge to do 4000 kicks (per person!) to help support his plight to raise money for Cancer Research. There were over 14 participants and a crew of volunteers who accomplished 4000 kicks each in about 2.5 hours of non-stop kicking. Most importantly we raised over $1300 from the event for a grand total of $3300 towards Sawyers mission.  Great job everyone!

Here are the participants who all deserve special recognition!

Sawyer B.

Caleb B.

Mark B.

Liam D.

Shelby D.

Brenda P.

Christine C.

Mitchel H.

Isa G.

Ilijaz G.

Mitchell M.

Tyler F.

Tea R.

Faith H.

See you all in class next week!




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