Muaythai Fight Night Raises $2250 for Charity!!

Thank you to all the coaches and fighters from all over Alberta who came to Arashi Do Sherwood Park for our 2nd ever Muaythai Fight Night this past Friday December 7, 2012!

The event was a huge success. We raised over $2200 for the Malawi Water Project Charity that helps bring clean water to the villages in Malawi. There were over 100 spectators at the event to watch the 8 fights between fighters from around the province. For more information on the Malawi Water Project visit:

Cody Bryant vs. Steve Brown

The first fight was between Cody Bryant from Sylvan Lake and Steve Brown from Calgary.  Both fighters came out in the first round tentatively and picked up the pace as the fight grew on. Both fighters showed a good variety of weapons keeping most of the fight in the striking range and out of the clinch. Cody’ previous boxing experience and impressive conditioning was the difference in this fight as Bryant took the decision.

Isa Gunic vs. Ryan Saunders

The second fight was between Isa Gunic from Sherwood Park and Ryan Saunders from Calgary. This was a very exciting fight as both fighters showed good conditioning and kept busy striking through all three rounds. A see-saw battle that saw Gunic use his long range punches and body kicks and Saunders move in to dominate the clinch and the inside boxing and knees. Saunders won by a close decision.

Liam Walsh vs. Bradley Fraser

This was a rematch between the 2012 Striker Series Finalists. These two competed in the Provincial Finals in Red Deer in November where Fraser came out on top to win the title. In this match-up, Walsh came out with a vengeance looking to even up things with Fraser.  Walsh moved forward with very effective straight punches and body kicks that kept Fraser trying to counter with sweeps and leg kicks. This match-up was all striking and no clinch but with an intense volume of techniques. Walsh got the better of Fraser at this outing taking the decision.

Gabor Khun vs. Iliaz Gunic

The older and much larger of the Gunic brothers came out swinging against the Calgary fighter Khun. These two heavyweights got through the first round when in the second Khun was injured and could not continue. Khun was beginning to find his rhythm when the match-up was called a no contest as the event is a smoker card and full power is not permitted.

Xander Maxwell vs. Logan McGrath

The two youngest fighters on the card saw Maxwell (7 yrs old) against McGrath (8 yrs old). Surprisingly this was the most exciting and technical fight on the card. This was an amazing display of Muaythai by the youngest practitioners at the event. Both competitors sealed the ring and showed immense sportsmanship and technique even showing amazing clinch and knees after two solid rounds of kickboxing. The fight was very close and to the delight of the spectators was called a draw. Amazing fight!

Billy Joe Parlee vs. Boban Knezevic

This was a battle between two fighters who are very familiar with each other. Parlee training out of Fort Saskatchewan often spars with Knezevic who trains out of Sherwood Park. Parlee came out with a huge volume in the first round that overwhelmed Knezevic who did not have an answer for Parlee’s boxing and body kicks. Parlee however could not keep up the pace as Knezevic took over in the second and third rounds with superior conditioning. Knezevic wins by decision.

Stephen Kung vs. Austin Dean

This was a fight between one of Sherwood Park’s best lightweights (Dean) against top South Edmonton Dojo prospect Stephen Kung. Dean came out with thunderous technique in the first round throwing a huge variety of striking techniques catching Kung’s kicks and dumping him to the ground. Kung weathered the storm and came back fighting in the second round finding his way inside Dean’s longer range and utilizing leg kicks and close range techniques and clinch to take the heat out Dean’s attacks. Dean landed several effective techniques in the clinch but the points went to Kung as he won by split decision.

Mike Pyska vs. Ken Sumner

This was an epic battle of the heavyweights. Pyska from Sherwood Park and Sumner from Sylvan Lake both came out firing in the first round as Sumner tried to find his range against the much larger and taller Pyska. Sumner couldn’t find his rhythm in the first round as Pyska attacked the body with vicious right hooks wearing down Sumner as they headed into the second round. Sumner started to find his range with the jab in the second and Pyska continued to attack the body. This match did not go into the clinch at all. Sumner found a heavy side kick in the third as he fought back valiantly to try and win the round but it wasn’t enough. Pyska wins by decision.

Special thanks to Darcy Evans Photography for donating services to the event. Also a huge thank you to all the volunteers who made this event come to fruition—the coaches, cornermen, backstage prep crew, MC, ring card crew, front desk staff, referees, judges,  singer, and runners.

See all the photos here.

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