Heroes Tournament Great Success!

On November 12 2011, a very large group of competitors from Arashi Do Sherwood Park competed at the annual Brock Myrol Heroes Tournament in Red Deer.

Several of the competitors traveled down together in the “Arashi Do Bus” and met up with the rest of the team at Lindsay Thurber High School Gymnasium.  The tournament started with a bow-in and a moment of silence for Remembrance Day and honouring the 4 fallen RCMP officers from Mayerthorpe including Arashi Do’s Black Belt Brock Myrol.

The kids divisions were up first with several Arashi Do Sherwood Park junior members representing their club for the first time in both Karate and Jiu Jitsu. A few of them were running back and forth between divisions trying to compete in both! Congratulations to all the junior competitors who  fought and competed at the tournament.  The competition was very stiff and results were top notch!

The tournament also featured Muay Thai which had a very strong group of fighters from Sherwood Park.  Congratulations to Chris Cooknell who won the Muay Thai Series Championship Belt fighting Calgary’s top competitor in the finals! Also a big congratulations to all the Muay Thai fighters who fought hard and placed very well in the first major tournament of the season. An official count is yet to be made but we know there were several first, second and third place finishes in the Muay Thai divisions.

The adult Jiu Jitsu team was small this year but well represented with competitors fighting in both no gi and gi divisions. The BJJ team waited a very long time before hitting the mats which could have been psychologically taxing but we never heard a word of complaint from our team members. Official results are still to come!

On another note, it should be mentioned that a very high degree of sportsmanship and true martial arts attitude was reflected by ALL the competitors from Arashi Do Sherwood Park this past weekend at this tournament. So many challenges were overcome! We had students who fought through injuries, adversity, high pressure and nerves and maintain a top rate attitude.  In some cases, we just came up short but did it with a smile on our faces. We even had competitors compete in far more challenging divisions then they were suited for and not making ANY excuses for not coming in first! To us, this is the true essence of a martial arts competition. Well done everyone!

Please email any tournament results to rtimoffee@arashido.com!

Congratulations again!




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