Congratulations Karate Students!

This Sunday October 30 was the largest Karate grading the Sherwood Park Dojo has had since opening in 2009. 18 students graded for belts; 9 Little Dragons, 7 Junior Karate students and 2 Senior Karate Students.  All students passed their belt tests with flying colours!

The test was challenging. Students were tested both physically and mentally having to demonstrate kata, spar, execute basic techniques and explain the theory and details of their movements. The entire belt test took approximately one hour for each group. Students demonstrated techniques in front of their fellow students, their Sensei ,and the crowd watching from the viewing area. This was a lot of pressure but all candidates did extremely well and grew from the experience.

The exam started with the fitness test. Several of the students pushed themselves harder than they had ever done before and faced several emotional and personal challenges to overcome with added nerves and exertion. Next was an extended technical section and demonstration of kata. The students really brought their best today and looked amazing in their kata performances.

Finally was the sparring section of the test. Students in the Junior and Senior Karate classes had to spar several rounds after a fairly lengthy technical section  and showed very good skill, control and care for their partners. Students were determined to push each other and demonstrated their fighting abilities very well in this section of the test.

Congratulations to all the Karate students of Arashi Do Sherwood Park. Your hard work has paid off. Continue to train hard and work towards your Black Belt and beyond! See you in class this week.

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